Macwheel MX1 - Bester Elektroroller unter $400


Macwheel sent us their MX1 scooter so we could review it and see how it performs compared to the Xiaomi M365. The Macwheel MX1 is an electric scooter that has the range of 18 miles and features foam filled tires so you’ll never get a flat. The Macwheel is currently priced at $389 on Amazon, while the Xiaomi is around $450.

The first thing we noticed is the design of the scooters. From far away, they look almost identical. But there are details and differences that are important to know.

For tires, the Macwheel has foam on the inside instead of an air tube. This means that you will never get a flat tire and never have to replace a tube. Most other scooters have inner tubes and getting a flat is common. New tubes cost money and they are also difficult to replace. Even while filming this review, our Xiaomi M365 got a flat tire. We highly recommend buying a scooter with tubeless tires.

We also found the folding mechanism on the Macwheel is better than the Xiaomi. We’ve had problems with the Xiaomi and also with the front stem getting loose. This is a known problem that other people reported as well.

On the top of the scooter, the Macwheel has a screen that displays battery life and speed. Meanwhile the Xiaomi only has LED dots showing the battery. Both scooters have front lights that can be turned on using the top button.

For the motor, the Macwheel features a 350 watt motor. This motor is more powerful than most other scooters that have a 250 watt motor. However when riding it compared to the Xiaomi, they both felt about the same in terms of power and acceleration. We did notice that the motor of the Macwheel is very quiet and silent. It’s one of the most quiet motors we have tested on a scooter.

For range, both scooters advertise 18 miles. The actual range will depend on your weight and the type of terrain in your commute. In our tests we are able to achieve at least 18 miles and sometimes more, with a rider weight of 170lbs and a flat commute. For top speed, both scooters advertise 15 miles per hour and we were able to achieve that speed on both scooters, even with riders of different larger weight.

Next up, braking. Both the Macwheel and Xiaomi feature a handlebar brake that will engage the rear disc brakes. On both scooters, the front motor is also used to help slow down.

The two scooters also feature rear lights that turn on the headlights and flash when you apply the brakes.

The only downside to the Macwheel is that it does not have a Bluetooth App, compared to the Xiaomi where you have an app to check battery life, change riding modes, turn on cruise control, and even anti-theft mode.

In conclusion, we think this scooter is a great value and makes a great option as a scooter for commuting.